What good is an ObamaCare exchange policy that doesn't even have out-of-network coverage for your skiing accident hospital stay in Colorado?

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Mr M:
If a skiing accident is an emergency than it should be covered even in Colorado. Contact you insurance commissioner & explain it's an emergency. If you lived in Colorado, they have changed it where if someone has something done in a hospital it all has to be covered so there isn't the out of network nonsense.
You must be just now learning that Obamacare is the biggest joke ever played on the American public. Even the insurance companies hate it and are dropping out such that in many areas there is now only one or two providers, and they don't cover most of the doctors and hospitals you need. And being "affordable" is a joke because the deductibles are so high that it's like having no insurance at all, since you're having to pay so much out of pocket.
Well, the good is that it has in-network coverage for your illness in your home state. If you can afford to fly to Colorado and go skiing, then you can afford to pay a little more out of pocket than a lot of the complainers on here.
Insurance Pickle.com:
You don't need out-of-network benefits for emergencies. Emergencies are generally treated in-network. If it's not an emergency, then wait until you get home.
You have to pay extra for a non-network plan. You are saying none of the Obamacare plans offer non-network coverage for a price? If you have a silver plan, try a bronze one instead.
It has nothing to do with Obamacare. It's the type of coverage YOU selected.
Casey Y:
Sounds like someone with the funds to fly to Colorado for a ski trip also bought the cheapest (or close to it) option available on their exchange…
Re Vera:
Welcome to politics. It doesn't matter if your health insurance actually does anything. What matters is that the politicians can point to you and say, "this person didn't have health insurance before, but now they do," and chalk it up as a win.
whether it Obama care or not you should have examined your policy before you enrolled in it, each company has the right to limit and if they choose not to cove out of state accidents that is in their policy, networking is not a requirement

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