What hapoens to the property i leave behind in my apartment when moving out?

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usually if you fail to collect it within a reasonable period it shall pass into the ownership of the landlord… your tenancy agreement may refer to this…
That would depend on when you moved out, whether you gave notice, etc. If your lease expired and you gave notice, then you would be charged for the landlord to remove it and dispose of it, because it would be considered abandoned. If you did not give notice and just abandoned the place, then you would be charged for ongoing rent, until you don't pay long enough and the landlord evicts you. At that point, by law, he has to store your property. So, it comes down to whether you left garbage or good stuff, whether you abandoned your lease – the terms on which you left.
Any property of yours left behind would be disposed of according to the state laws that deal with personal property abandoned by tenants.

The disposal laws vary from state to state, however, most states require your landlord or property manager to keep your personal property for at least 30 days. If you pick up the property on or before the 30 days, you would be charged a storage fee, after which you would be have your personal property.

If you fail to pick up your personal property within the time allowed by your state laws for abandoned personal property the landlord would be able to dispose of the property as they see fit.

Since your landlord property manager is not in the business of selling items, they would probably junk it or donate it to a local charity. I donate all abandon property to the local Goodwill or other charities.

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Raymond L.:
the landlord takes possession of it,

he could also charge you for its disposal.

It depends on your state or countries laws in most cases the LL must levee it charging you rent until in that state they can decleared it abandoned, then they can either charge you for clean up and dumping cost, or set those things next to the curb. In most states where they can put your abandoned property into the street off of the property the county will place a dumping charge which is passed to you which can happen on the first to 10 day that you abandoned the property by failing to pay rent.
All costs and not rent payments can be taken to court and go on your credit until you party in full to get them removed, making it hard to get your next LL who will rent to your, even then, most will require you to pay off your "eviction" cost they are a part of.
For more see your states or countries Department/office of consumer affairs under LL tenant
The landlord usually calls the junk man to remove it and presents you with
the bill. Or sends it to collections.
whatever the landlord wants to do with it, and he will probably charge you for the disposal of it
ibu guru:
Landlord may be required to store it for up to 30 days – at YOUR expense. Otherwise, it's trashed, & it's possible that you can be forced to pay the haulage & cleaning.

Clean out your apartment, or lose your deposit at the very least. You could be forced to cough up a great deal more by leaving stuff there.

Eventually will be donated or thrown out.
the next person will likely throw it out

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