What happen if i die before retirement, who gets my social security if i don't have any family?

I'm still young, but if i have my credits and something happen to me before retirement, but i don't have any kids or wife who claims that, i can tell the social security to give my benefits to somebody else or it doesn't work that way.
Tell me please thank you.

Other answer:

Think of social security like any insurance policy – say car insurance. You pay your premiums (social security taxes) and maybe you'll never use it. The premiums you pay into your car insurance company are used to pay out to others; same thing will happen to the monies you've paid into the social security trust fund. It goes into a big pot so-to-speak and is used to pay out benefits to those who become entitled. If you never marry and you don't live to receive benefits then the monies you've paid in will be used for others.

Social Security insures the individual for disability and retirement benefits plus Medicare so even though you might not live long enough to collect retirement benefits (which are payable as early as age 62) you might become disabled and could collect disability benefits.

Even if someone marries that doesn't mean that the widow or widower will ever collect anything more than the one-time death benefit of $255. Spouses remarry or spouses work and earn their own benefits which could be higher than anything they could get as a spouse.

If you ever become entitled to disability or retirement benefits or die and you have minor children then they will collect monthly benefits which will end when they are age 18 unless they are full-time high school students or they become severely disabled before they are age 22 and can collect disabled adult child's benefits.

Most likely, you will collect benefits. Most people receive far more than what they've paid into the program. Most of us will live to collect retirement benefits. Some will collect disability benefits. It's all the luck of the draw – which is what insurances are all about.

And consider this, we are NOT the first country to have a social security program. Many other countries had them long before us and even now there are 26 countries which have social security programs. Before social security and Medicare came into existence 30% of the nation's elderly lived below the poverty level. Only 51% had health care coverage. Many elderly people either had to live with their families or in county poor houses (which I still remember BTW).

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It is insurance against extreme poverty in old age and disability and your money doesn't go to your estate. If you leave a widow or minor children they can collect something monthly.
When you die without a spouse or children the payments stop.To continue them for everyone or do a lump sum payout would require much higher taxes. If you want to leave money to someone get an IRA or ROTH or 401K plan and other assets and life insurance.
Consider SS like car insurance the money they don't spend on you stays in the pool for other claimants.
no, nobody does. And there's not some specific funds set aside for you like a retirement plan would probably be. Your family might or might not get anything.
If you have no family then no one gets it. The money is kept by the Federal Government. To be more accurate it is being paid out as you pay it into the Treasury.It's not like they are investing it in a 401k for your retirement or something like they are supposed to be doing!
Steve D:
No one gets it. Technically, it is not "your" Social Security – the taxes you pay go into a trust fund and are mingled with everyone's taxes. When you retire, the Fund is used to pay your benefits. The only other person that could possibly collect using your Social Security credits would be your spouse.
no, nobody does… and there's not some specific funds set aside for you like a retirement plan would probably be… your family might or might not get anything…
no one gets any thing if you don't have regular life insurance. are you kidding?
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Thank your uncle Sam.


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