What happened when i report a leave of absence for Walmart?

i work there for about a month is that a bad thing or good thing i was trying call because would not make it

Other answer:

I'm not sure I understand the question. I get the feeling that you aren't talking about an actual "leave of abscence" but are just calling in. Did you try to call in but were unable to speak to anybody? If so, you need to contact your manager ASAP or you could get in trouble for an unexcused absence. If you did talk to them you should be okay although they might not be very happy about it though since you're new. You always try to tell your boss ahead
of time if you're not going to be in if possible.
Never good to call off, but if it's he first time you did, you're probably ok. By the way, calling off for a day or two isn't a leave of absence – al eave is being off for a much longer time
Depends on their policy but taking a leave of absence after just a month is not good. You're probably still in probationary period so they might fire you.
If you were only there for a month, you're barely there. They've probably moved on, and are entirely allowed to in many places.
If you were an employer, what would you think about a new employee requesting a "leave of absence"?

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