What happenes if you don t refund a eBay buyer?

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Ebay can force the refund out of your paypal, whether you have the money or not. If you don't have the money they would still give the buyer their money back and take the view that you now have a debt and chase you for it. If you don't voluntarily refund when a buyer wants one they can open a case to get their money back whether you like it or not. You will get the chance to respond and defend yourself but whether a refund is forced or not depends on whether or not you can convince ebay of a good reason why you shouldn't refund the buyer. Note that they often unfairly back the buyer even when they are wrong.
Your account is frozen until you pay or sell something that Ebay can take since they have to refund the buyer. If you dont do either, your account goes to collection and you are permanently banished. Besides, what about the morality of this?. It is theft.
if the buyer complains then you will have a problem with eBay probably be banned from further sales
Max Hoopla:
It does not affect your taxes.

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