What happens if I don't pay the invoice for ebay?

I listed an item on ebay and then for some reason my friend found it and bid $4200. He never paid and I forgot about it and I just received and email from ebay saying total invoice amount due $420. It's been 33 days so I can't cancel the transaction. I don't even have $420 so I'm kind of screwed.

Other answer:

If you don't pay they'll chase you unless, I presume, you say it wasn't really sold, but you will have to prove that and after 33 days they may not believe you and/or start chasing your friend who won the bid but didn't pay.

There's a sellers fee of 10% of the cost of the item which is why you got billed $420.

You have to contact them. We have no way of knowing what eBay's opinion on this matter is. Why did you wait 33 days to deal with it? That was your negligence.

You should ask your "friend" to pay this, since it's their fault that they backed out and faked a sale. You could even take them to small claims court.

I just called ebay and told them the situation and they canceled the invoice thing.

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