What happens to disability if i move to another county?

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If you live in the US and get social security disability, you will continue to receive it. However Medicare won't cover medical expenses.

If you get SSI (the federal welfare program) that ends 30 days after you've left the country. It is for US residents only.

If you receive any other type of disability benefit, I wouldn't know. It is pretty doubtful that they would allow someone who is disabled to immigrate to their country – unless you are a citizen of that country. All countries have immigration laws.

It depends on many factors. If you’re the US citizen and are planning to move outside the country, your benefits may or may not be affected, depending on whether you receive Social Security Disability Insurance payments or Supplemental Security Income payments.
However, many other circumstances may have influence. It’s better to talk to professionals.
You will still be unable to work and will lose any welfare you are getting like food stamps or SSI. Many countries won't let you in unless you are working or have a lot of money so unless you are a citizen they might not want you.
For current US residents, If you get SSDI, continues, but if you get SSI that stops. Unless you are a citizen of that other country, it is doubtful they will let you immigrate as you need to be fully self sufficient and able to contribute to that country
if this is SSDI, you are entitled to it as long as you are disabled or until your SS kicks in
a private disability may not pay when you leave the country
you still have your disability you can't leave it behind
It follows you.
You don't get it. Simple.
You would likely need to reapply.
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