What happens when Amazon takes more time than expected to deliver?

I ordered something in 27 December which was supposed to be delivered within 31 december to 3rd Jan but now it's 4th Jan(in my country at least) and the package hasn't even arrived yet. What will happen now? Will I actually get the package sometime soon or will it be cancelled?

Other answer:

Use your TRACKING Number. That is why it was issued.

I must say that is odd though, I usually get my packages in half the time they say.
Could be the holidays. And you did say "My country", international shipments are subject to Customs delays. While the Customs officers try to decide if they want to keep it.

Elaine M:
The holiday impacted everything – The post office was closed till today. UPS and Fed-Ex also had different closed days.
It's normal it happens very often don't worry

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