What if all fast food workers quit working Tomorrow and no one fills the Positions not even mexicans?

Other answer:

You do realize the number of people on unemployment…right? Do you really think nobody would fill those positions to make a couple bucks for their families??

The businesses would fail or they would be forced to pay more to their workers, is that the answer you wanted? Well, they would probably change a lot of jobs to become automated and eliminate the job entirely.

Enter the Chechyns and they will steal everything in the joint and we can buy the buildings and start our own coffee shops with real good espresso made the Italian way with real Italian coffee. But, we will also make the best tasting MALTS and hamburgers to die for. When people come into our shops they will have the very best tasting coffees and lattes and espressos and get fortified for their trip to MAINE at the same time.
Re Vera:
We'd probably become significantly less obese.
18 gibbs 20:
Americans would all lose some weight.
Trivial One:
Robots will be put in their places, and life will go on.
a hungry person would walk over and pick their own
not going to happen.

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