What if you start to take social security at age 62 can I still draw money out of IRA and still not be penalized?

Other answer:

You are confusing different provisions of the tax code.

If you are 62, there is a limit on earned income before losing any SSA benefits.
If you are 59.5 years or older, no penalty on IRA.
If you have a lot of IRA money, some of the SSA benefits can be taxable (up to 85%).

early withdrawal penalty stops when one has reached 59 1/2, there is no penalty on an IRA at 62
Penalized how? You can take out money at 59 1/2 without penalty.


Max Hoopla:
You can draw it out without penalty if your are 59 1/2
Ziff Spiffington:
at age 62 there is no "penalty" – you might be paying taxes on it if your TOTAL income is over a certain amount
Yes, but it might affect whether the social security is taxed.
yes, once you are past 59.5 there are no penalities

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