What is a good investment these days?? I have about 10 thousand dollars, and trying to double that. Anything useful will help!?

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It will take many many years to double your money unless you go all in on Roulette or craps. But a good investment is NLY or also known as Annaly Capital Management which is cheap right now and doing good while also paying a great dividend of .30 per share. So if you put your $10,000 in today you would have had around 934 shares of NLY which will pay you $280.20 per quarter unless you get a reinvestment Plan or also known as a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) that buys more shares with the money you are paid each quarter.
I bought a couple condos that were $30,000 each. They generate about $1000 a month profit, but I paid for them with cash, so I do not have a mortgage. There isn't much you can do to get a fast return with just $10k, but you could put it in a mutual fund and it will grow slowly or you can keep saving for an income property later on. Those are the only two types of investments I put my money towards.
Depends on how fast you want to double it. If you are willing to wait 10 -20 years there are some very safe investment.

If you want to do it is a year or so there will be a significant risk.

Cassandra's dream:
learn to read stock charts, learn to see what makes stocks go up in a relatively short period of time, go through past charts to see the characteristics of charts just before a big rise and just before its big fall and start small, no more than a thousand and put it into action, if you lose, you must find a reason why, and do your best not to make the same mistake again. this way you start making less and less mistakes and you start to stabilize and start to make some money. also buy stocks at below its worth. think about it, if you see a dollar on the floor, eventually someone will pick it up, be rest assured a good stock selling at a steep discount with continued earning power will be picked up.
A good investment depends on who you talk to. I would NEVER take advise on a particular stock from Yahoo Answers. Open a brokerage account and use their stock research to get information on a stock you are interested in. You can call them up and ask advise too.
To double your money-well, that takes time. Just stay away from Penny Stocks-even the professionals stay away from Penny Stocks-there is more fraud in penny stocks than any other investment.
Gambling or drugs. Seriously, do you know what the average return on an investment is? 3% a year, so that would be like 33 years from now you will double your money.
Ryan M:
"Double that" is not investment talk….that is gambling, unless if you have a time frame of over a decade. With only $10k, the better investment options are no open to you.
Love big words:
If you plan is to double it quickly, this won't happen. Find a solid mutual fund and invest accordingly.
"Trying to double that" in what time period? If you're thinking short-term, you might as well go to Vegas and try shooting craps.
Mutual funds and bonds.

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