What is binary option trading and which brokers are the best brokers?

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Noah: Binary option is like forex trading but it is a prediction of market movement for a short or long period of time, it could be 1minute to 24 hours, for example you can predict the a currency pair is going higher in the next 1 minute if your prediction is right you win the bet or trade.

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Binary option trading is NOT something you want to get into. As to who are the best brokers? It depends on who wants the Lowest amounts to open an account with.
NO!! This question has been asked a million times and is now band from being asked on Yahooanswers
Binary options are a SCAM. It is not investing, just online betting at such stupid odds that you cannot win.

Signal services are a second SCAM layered onto the first to encourage you to bet and lose faster.

Read the SEC warning link below.

Spock (rhp):
it's a good way to go broke — that's what it is.

trading is NOT as simple as some would have you believe — they're trying to sell you something that, in the long run, probably can not work. so when it stops working [which you know by losing money], they'll then sell you the next great trading idea.