What is the best food for a restaurant?

I am thinking of opening up a restaurant soon. What is the best food that I should sell? Top 10.

Best Answer:

Rob: The best food for a restaurant is one where you know what you are doing. Many people that open a restaurant would specialize in some type of food they are excellent at an ethnic food they are familiar with.

Most people that open up a restaurant business has identified a need for their food specialty.

I want to open a deli as in this general area there are no delis that offer pastrami on their menu. Subway
occasionally offer it, however, there is no one that offer pastrami on a daily basis. Many individual have relocated to this area or has returned to their home and have experienced pastrami where they stayed before and want to have the experience again.

You would need to do your home work to make sure you understand what is necessary to open a restaurant as far as permits and inspection of the place where you want to have your restaurant.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Other answer:

There are no "top 10"

there is only food that people will want to buy in the area you are thinking of opening

Look in the area and look at what other restaurants are selling

Then comes the important/clever bit – try to find something that others dont sell but people would like

(you could try a local roadside survey and ask them,
But remember- its likely they will just pick food they already know and not think about stuff they aint tried
You either have to be creative in the questions you ask, or use your imagination when you look at the results

the important thing is- you have to serve what people want to buy, not what you want to sell
So if you intend selling something new to the area it may take some time for them to get to accept and like it)

Next important bit- when you have decided the kind of food you are gonna sell get a good chef to cook it if you cant, OR learn how to cook it (and learn good – its no good picking the right food and then be sh//t at cooking it)

Owning a restaurant is more about running a business than cooking

People will pay a premium for good food, but they wont if its sh//t
It can take months/years to get customers who will pay well, but you can lose them in one night. And not only will you lose them, they will tell their friends and its likely you will lose them as well

The food you love adjusted for the tastes of the neighborhood where it is. I moved to Texas and found the food very salty-I seldom cook with salt. Go to school. You will need a large sum of money. Get experience; the business side as well a food preparation. Most restaurants fail within five years.
Don't open a restaurant unless your goals in life are to be a poor, exhausted, angry, empty shell of a human being.

It's too much work for too little money.

But of you're set on it anyway, do yourself a huge favor and work at one like you want to own for a least a year before you decide. Ask the owner if you can help out with the books. I GUARANTEE that will change your mind.

It depends what kind of restaurant… Steak, chicken, sea food anything like that.
The food doesn't have to be 100%
#1 thing is MANAGMENT
I have seen people spend 100's of thousands of dollars in just three months in a restaurant and fail. It is a hard way to make a living.
Readign your other posts, you are still a school kid.. So your own restaurant is a LONG way ahead. Perhaps go to catering college and get some qualifications first, THEN get some working experience and some money behind you and THEN consider your own restaurant.
Eastern food
for me pizza hut's pizza is always the best food for a restaurant.
Everybody loves pizza and Italian food in general.

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