What is the best LARGE cap dividend paying stocks to buy?

like the top 5

Best Answer:

Raymond L.: Back in the day, Retirees liked to own some AT&T

Other answer:

Raymond L.:
General Electric, CVS Health Corp., Microsoft Corp., Johnson & Johnson

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I hope you understand that you do not gain or lose anything from dividends.

When a dividend is paid, the value of the stock decreases by that precise amount, and you end up with the same value in the total of stock and dividend.

If there is no dividend and you need some cash now, you can sell some shares of your stock with the same result as having a dividend – you end up with the same value in the total of the remaining stock and the money from your sale.

Pork-chop of Doom:
The "Dogs of the Dow" strategy is the most reliable way to buy large cap dividend-bearing stocks and safely make a sustainable profit….


I would look at all the stocks now in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 30 stocks. They are the best.
Love big words:
KO; T; VZ; GE etc