What is the best online business you can work from home and how much money did you make in it?

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BrianMorgan: There are work from home jobs, lots actually. But not that many if you do not already have some professional skills. My girlfriend is a graphic designer and does enough work through the Fiverr website, so she makes close to what she made when she did the same thing 'at work'. The difference is that she does not waste a tank of gas and 10 hours driving every week.

She found out about that working from home computer job at Your Harmonic Resonance.

I also know a few people who work for some tech firms that do all of their work from home, and the bookkeeper for our company works from home four days a week and only comes in on the day the checks get printed.

There are a lot of work from home jobs….but just like the 'lawyer jobs' or the 'post office jobs', not everybody can do them….

For example, the lady that does my taxes works from home. The guy next door to my mom is a dentist and he has his office in the basement of his house, and our 'pet sitter' certainly does not have an office in a building where we take our pets..

So, first, remember that the jobs that say you can make easy money working from home are scams, then do a serious search. Unless you start your own business, you may have to get a job with a company and work there for a year before they will let you work from home.

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A lady in my high school graduating class is, according to the NY Times, "one of the best young web designers on the west coast". She makes a six-figure income from home. She was a talented artist from about age 8, and took a degree in computer science.
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Fiverr. Upwork.
Happy Gramps:
the choices are few – answering surveys that pay pennies each
Wayne Z:
If you find one, you would be the first person ever.
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