What is the best way to save money?

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1. Avoid the pain of saving by hiding it from view. If possible, have your employer deduct a certain percentage or dollar amount from your paycheck and have it deposited into an account that you cannot run to immediately and pull out money, like a mutual fund. You will learn to live without it.

2. Ensure that you are investing money in an IRA. Don't count on a pension, and by all means, don't count on Social Security. You should aim to have enough money at retirement to live off the interest and not touch the principal.

3. Talk to an investment advisor about getting started. It will be free and you can switch or drop advisors at any time. I was once grateful that I had not been "pestered" by advisors in my 20's (my married friends were), but now I wished someone had gotten my attention. With just a little effort and a small financial sacrifice in my 20's (maybe putting some of that beer and partying money aside), I would be worth a lot more today.

4. Start saving early. Start saving early. Start saving early and never look back.

The Football God:
My wife have been together almost 20 yrs. Once the kids left and were on their own, the small stuff we did was magnified. In 2002 took out our last loan, credit union was set to double the payments. Once that was done, we keep that as an automotive account. Wife gets a new car every 6 years and I get one every 150k miles. No extended warranties and never a cheap oil change , maintenance, tires are battery. So far in almost 600k miles no major repair, except Honda which had a recall.
Max your 401k or whatever you have for retirement, most employers will contribute. Cook when you can. And I always tell people , we can spend $100.00 for dinner, do you know how. We don't f'n do that. Just because you CAN buy something, doesn't mean you should. Good luck
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We all want to save money. And whether it's by denying yourself that $4 mocha latte once a week or putting off an exotic family vacation, everyone has their own way to save.
Eliminate Your Debt. …
Set Savings Goals. …
Pay Yourself First. …
Stop Smoking. …
Take a "Staycation" …
Spend to Save. …
Utility Savings. …
Pack Your Lunch.
Earn it, and here's the important part, don't spend it. No tricks. Just take 10% of your income and put it aside somewhere. You will barely notice it's gone. Seriously.
Save all your receipts, no more take out. Spend wisely.
it depends , perhaps have a budget, eat out less. have some saving periods
avoid capitalists if you possibly can there's one at your door selling something you really need
avoid capitalists if you possibly can there is one at your door selling something you really need

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