What is the difference between refund and return?

Is a refund when you want your money back or want your money back + return the item?

Other answer:

Dan B:
A return relates to the product purchased. You no longer own it and give up your rights to the product when you return it.
A refund relates to the money used to pay for the product purchased. The merchant doesn't have the rights to your money when you return the product for a refund.
A partial refund relates to the diminished value of the product purchased – you still get to keep the item.
Pascal the Gambler:
Return is bringing an item back, refund is the money you get back.
Refund is when you get back money you paid. Return is either a tax form or when you give back an item you bought.
you are filing a tax return, you might get some money back which would be a refund
Max Hoopla:
A tax return is what you file with the government. A refund is sending you back what you overpaid.
it is when you want your money back. A return is when you want to bring the item back and either want it in a different size, shape, color or even a different item

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