What is the exchange policy for an "opened" item without a reciept?

What is the exchange policy for an "opened" item without a reciept to best buys?

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Every store has its own policy. Some will not take anything back without a receipt. Others will give you a store credit. Others will take something back only with a receipt and only if it is within 30 days of purchase. You will have to ask them. All of this is provided, however, that the item is in its original packaging, has not been used and is put back in the box exactly how it was upon purchase. Some places, especially smaller places, will not take anything back – you buy it – it is yours.
Every store has different return policies, you would have to phone up the store and ask if you can return the item. If the item and the package isn't too damaged they may accept it back. Usually they would give you store credit if you don't have the receipt.
At best buy
Where? and why are you trying to return it?

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