What is the point of unemployment waiting week?

Uncle sam already take taxes out your unemployment thhat is barely 47 percent then I have to wait an week on top of waiting a week i only get one week of paywhat is the point of a waiting week?

Best Answer:

Vola: Uncle Sam has not taken anything for unemployment in most states the employer pays into the unemployment fund and any time you apply for unemployment the least waiting period is a week because you could very well have obtained a new job in the meantime

Other answer:

That's what the law says. The rationale most likely is that many people find another job within a week so don't need much assistance. Additionally, it's akin to deductibles on auto and health insurance — shared burden.
Love big words:
UI comes from the state, not the Feds. The waiting week serves as your deductible in the claim process.
They get a week to process the claim. Don't be surprised when you get a letter for a phone interview, they always do that. If you get denied, protest the claim.
Max Hoopla:
That's just the way the system is set up
Just be glad you'll be getting it.
Happy Gramps:
good question….employers do the same thing

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