What is the spending limit on credit cards?

I was on a date and his credit card was declined when he tried to purchase movie tickets.

Best Answer:

Judith: Spending limits vary taking into account a person's income and credit rating. If he's charging movie tickets on his credit card then the guy is living beyond his means (unless it's really a debit card); this is something he should be paying cash for.

It probably means that he's either charged up to his limit or he's gone over it and he can't charge on the card again until he's made a payment. Sometimes a card is declined because of a fraud alert – I was with a friend who tried using her card to pay for lunch but it was declined. She contacted the bank and found out that someone was using it fraudulently and so the bank canceled the card and issued her a new one. This happened to me once many moons ago. But while this can happen, the odds are against it. I'm betting he's just charged too much.

Other answer:

Spending limits vary per credit card. Some are as low as $300 and they can go as high as $100,000.

The average spending limit is $1000.

A declined card doesn't necessarily mean he didn't have enough available credit. Sometimes there are just issues or fraud alerts on the card.

Poor guy, though. I'm embarrassed for him. Hopefully he had another way to pay.

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Each card can be different, based upon the card company and the individual history and credit rating.
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depends on his specific credit card..In my case it is $50,000, in others it is $250 and any where in between