What is the target market for an ice cream shop?

Obviously everyone likes ice cream so the easy answer is "everyone" but i have to say a few sentences about our target market in front of a class today and I'm wondering if someone could help provide some more specifics

Other answer:

You make a perfectly valid point about everyone but, you can segment the market. A simple one is premium vs. ordinary. Maybe yours is family vs. singles. I.E. You're targeting folks going out on dates.
actually, oftentimes when people have gone on a tour, or played a game, like miniature golf, bowling or other things, a good topper for that is an ice cream cone
John D:
Our very famous local shop – Fenton's (probably have a website), specializes in huge, elaborate things like sundaes and other concoctions. But not just sundaes – huge, elaborate sundaes.
Families with young children and teenagers looking for a place to hang out.
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you have to think how the customers think

they want relief if it's hot outside and something sweet because everyone is so health conscious

they want simple things sugar and it has to look yummy

People who like dairy products and people who like sweet treats.

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