What is the Women Owned Small Business Advantage Program?

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the gov't promoted the idea of women owned businesses more than 40 yrs ago and there were tax advantages as well as some benefits from purveyors that provided services or materials to women owned businesses
if there is something recent than that I am not aware,but if this is valid program you will find information in any of the search engines
John D:
Take advantage of every break you can get. I don't take it anywhere near as far as the other answers, but I WOULD caution you against flaunting a "woman owned" business. Even though I'm pretty enlightened I think of that no differently from any other bigotry. Sorry, I'd just never patronize your business. Just because.
Common Sense:
The WOSB advantage program consists of several laws advantaging women owned small businesses over male owned small businesses. It is overseen by the SBA.


"What is the Women Owned Small Business Advantage Program?"

The Women Owned Small Business Advantage Program is a taxpayer funded program that confers advantages onto females who are owners of small businesses and wish to partake in this female only privilege. Of course, this is completely sexist as it is a privilege for women that is denied to men. In this sense, this program represents state-sanctioned, legal discrimination against men, only because they are men. What happened to equality?

This isn't the individually occurring acts of random sexism or social discrimination that occur against women as feminists are so often quick to bring up. This is LEGAL discrimination whereby the government is denying this benefit to all men, only because they are men.

This is the type of discrimination that we have done away with for women in the first world. And rather than celebrate a victory, and move towards solidifying that equality by encoding gender neutral language in law, we began to legally discriminate this way against men, at the behest of feminists.

In this sense, we are going backwards. This continued discrimination will only continue the cycle of discrimination rather than end it. It is not honorable or justified in any way to just shift the discrimination to another group. The only way to end discrimination is to stop discriminating.

Integration 20:
It is a sexist program that requires government to favor women owned businesses in its supplies and services acquisitions when other factors are equal.

In a sane world this would be illegal as it is brazen discrimination. Alas, we live in this world.


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