What is your deductible and out of pocket maximums for you as an individual and for your family?

I'm trying to figure out how my family's plan stacks up against others' and if ours is reasonable or not. People always talk about high deductibles and such and I always want to know how much is "too much" for them since opinions are always subjective to the individual

Other answer:

Everyone's plan is different.
On "paper" Ryan's plan sounds really good. Unless it is an employer based plan and he pays very little of the premium, it's not a plan I would want to have.

Why? Because the premium is going to be very very expensive.
Since I rarely go to the doctor a better option for me is a high deductible plan that is lower in premiums. This means I save money because I can control my own costs.

Ryan M:
Deductible is $0 and out of pocket maximum is $1,500 for our plan.
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It is your choice as to how much you wish the deductible to be. The higher the
deductible, the lower the premium.
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