What is your dream? i would love to own a cafe one day.?

Other answer:

It certainly wouldn't be a cafe with all the problems of health department inspections, hiring and managing reliable honest employees, finding reliable food suppliers, handling idiot customer complaints, cleaning, cooking, malfunctioning equipment, security, zoning regulations, liquor laws, and high insurance costs. I just wouldn't want the problems for the small profit I would make.
My family was in the restaurant business, its far from a dream, long hours clueless help, people who don't show up, deliveries that don't show up or are nearly spoiled.
The work was endless and an owner needs to be able to do every jobs from short order cook to waiter to janitor to dishwasher. And the failure rate is amazing.
My dream was to be a housewife, if I'm going to cook and wash dishes I wanted it to be for people I knew and loved.
John D:
Get a job in a restaurant. You need to learn how to run one, and you will either like it or hate it. Me, I love to cook but I hate food service as a job.
I also wanted to own and run a restaurant. My brother and I were going to, but he died. I did do some catering and I cook for my family and friends, but it was what I wanted to do.
Sharon S:
to have my own bakery as I love to bake

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