What Is Your Occupation And How Much Money Do You Make In A Week?

How much Money do you earn in a week, Month, or Year.. and what is your job? just curious hopefully some people reply 🙂

Other answer:

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I'm 16. I make anywhere from $2000-$2700 a day. I do stock trading online. I sometimes lose some money, but I still do around $40k per month, at the very least.
I am being honest, but again, you do not have to believe me.
Have a good day. 🙂
The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps data on what occupations are paying. You may find the link below more useful than the answers you're getting here.


I am a printer working for Hasbro Gaming, the company that now produces such classic board games as Monopoly. Each week I make around £4,000,000,000.
Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!:
Director Asset Management with pre-tax weekly income of CAD$3700.
Retired and total, pension and Social Security will be just over $100,000 for 2017.

In addition, have nearly $500k invested which is available for additional if needed.

Barry A:
I am a certified genius and problem solver.
I make anywhere from $35000 to 100000 per month.
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Mind your own business.

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