What is your opinion on starting a business at 17 years of age.?

Other answer:

It can be done but you would need an adult partner who can legally sign contracts and documents.
your problem is if you need to sign any legal contracts you are not able to do so
if you are wise enough to operate a business that you can receive money and report it without having to be involved with legal documents, go for it
I started my first business at 17yrs , so my opinion is it was hard work and a huge learning curve having to do lots of things I didn't expect to have to do
Go for it — if you have the knowledge, time, money, and patience.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
depends on the business and how much you know about it.
Donald B:
It is wonderful. Some kids have been very successful at a young age. Reselling candy or something like that is not a business. You need to come up with something new. Some kids have made it big before they graduated from high school.
Andy L:
As long as you realize that it is a learning experience and not a way to get rich, it is a fine idea.
Your signature is not an enforceable contract. Capital financing is next to impossible so it is almost always a very small business. You generally have some available time and see how much time it actually takes. And at some point fairly quickly, you may learn about accounting, taxes, finance, marketing that may be useful even if not successful as a business. It also makes a good resume item for future use, if running your own business.

Just understand going into it about percentage that fail and why and know what it takes to do it before you start.

You cannot legally start it unless you have someone who is 18 or older as a partner because you cannot legally sign contracts, etc until you are 18.

Other than that…go for it.

It's good to start early of course, you're not going to be a billionaire by 19 if that's what you're hoping for. But starting young is a better opportunity to learn from your mistakes and get your foundation early in life so you can grow from there. It's a good idea 🙂