What job can a thirteen-year-old get?

My family's not doing so well money-wise and we need money so my dad has a day job, my mom has a part-time job in the day and a night job. I'm only 13 but I really need to get some money so I can help out. What could I do?

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Mortal Dimunitive:
You need a niche
You're too young to get a job, but vsn jelp by not asking for things unless you really need them. You might be able to bsblysit
NONE here obviously
Maybe in ur country.
Libraries got books on how to get educated and started being self-employed locally.
TRY that.
sell sex

jk lmao, i dont know if any buisness would hire a 13 year old, but you can do yard work for your neighborhood, or clean peoples houses….or something along those lines


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