What jobs can a 65 yr. old get re-trained to do?

Best Answer:

(A): any job he puts his mind to

Other answer:

I doubt there is anything or any employer who would employ a 65 year old – I am 60 and only job I could get a few years ago was part tie cleaning but I cant wait till I am 66 to retire, I worked in admin over 40 years
Re-training is not the problem, anyone of any age can be trained if they have the appropriate nous, but getting someone to employ an older person is the issue. You are expected to bring a lot to the party, in the form of experience, skills or contacts, if you are going to be employed at the age of 65 as someone younger would be more attractive to any employer, and possibly cheaper/less risk.
You can be re-trained. Problem is who needs a 65 year old rookie?? That's your problem.

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