What my boss did with my overtime pay is it correct is it legal. Any response is appreciated.?

Please read attached photo as the document and all the information was two big too type in this.

Other answer:

No one can fully read your post.

Overtime is based on the number of hours you worked during the pay week, not the days you worked them.
If you worked 40 or fewer hours in the week, you are not eligible for OT.

What other employees worked on what days and whether they are fully trained or not, has NOTHING to do with your pay.

While I can't read your post, it's definitely illegal to not pay overtime.

Read these materials about overtime to learn more on what you can do, http://bit.ly/2ez37LS .

Casey Y:
Just transfer the information to your post, nobody on here clicks on links.
Please read this goes with above article.

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