What name do I put on a letter if I don t know the name?

I m sending a letter to a business and don t know the name of the manager. Should I just put "manager of business"?

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Max Taylor:
I put those letters directly into the bin, i get so much junk mail i no longer read any not personally addressed to me. I work for a living i dont have time to entertain speculation.

So what you do is pick up the phone and ask "hi can you tell me the name of the manager please, and is he able to make decisions about xyz"

Now you know who to address it to and if its even worth spending the money on postage and printing in the first place.

a general greeting is "TO whom it may concern"
Skoda John:
Dear Sir or Madam.
On the envelope The manager.
It is better to do a bit of research and find the real name.
Owner, President. Top GUy
Just address it to the company. Use a generic salutation such as "Gentlemen/Ladies" or "To Whom It May Concern."
To whoever wants to read this letter.
"To Whom it May Concern," or



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