What should I choose? Become a surgeon or accountant?

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Yuki Jane:
A lot of people dont know what they are talking about. A surgeon spends a lot of time and money on training/education, you will be out when you're about 30. For accounting Bachelors is 3-4 years and 2 years for CA/CPA(Any typical accounting licence). A surgeon can easily make over 200k a year, however do you really want to be called up in the middle of the night for an operation? Accountants can easily make over $350k by starting there own accounting practice. My advice would be get your Bachelors in accounting and then get your CA/CPA Licence. Spend 3-5 years working for an accounting company to gain some exp, after that start your own accounting practice/firm, You can easily make $150k-$500kl+ a year.(Depending on the efficiency of the firm). If you are looking for a job, the salary is pretty good, $60K-150K depending on many factors like size of firm,exp,etc. Takes an average of 16 years to become a surgeon , while a chartered accountant takes about 5-6 years.
Yuki Jane:
I really don't know. I'm confused right now in which course or strand should I take.
At first, my plan is to take accountant as my profession. I always get a high score in everything but I realized I want to become a surgeon but I'm scared, what if that course is not for me? or what if I'm that good since I get a lower score or my ability is not that great.
What should I choose?
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An accountant. You'll have a good salary, regular hours and you won't spend your 20's in med school and residency. You also won't end up several hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
SURGEON! but be a plastic surgeon.
Hmm! More money in surgery!
Whichever you want to do more.

Or, whichever one hires you first.


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