What should I put on the w-4 form I m married but separated for a long time. Should I use married and 2 or house hold. In California?

For withholding What should I put on the w-4 form I m married but separated for a long time. Should I use married and 2 or head of household. I live in California? What is best so that at the end I get some taxes money back. Thanks for your responses

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mi amiga:
If you and your ex are filing separately you should be putting single and 1. Possibly even single 0 if you have been working and claiming yourself as married from January until October.

If you plan on filing jointly then you can put married 1. If you put married 2 I'm sure you will end up owing money. We only have 2 months left in the year and if you have been working all year it might be too late to reverse the possibility of owing money if you do not file a joint return. If you haven't been working all year, it won't matter what you put since likely you will get a big refund, since your yearly income as a single person will be super low for 2016, but you would need to change it in 2017.

Bostonian In MO:
If you are separated from your spouse and lived apart for the entire last 6 months of the year you can only file as Head of Household if pay half of the cost of maintaining a home that your child that you can claim under the Qualifying Child rule lived in with you. Under any other circumstances you file as Married Filing Separately or Married Filing Jointly. While you would pay less tax filing MFJ, most professionals would recommend that you file MFS even if it results in higher tax as you would not be liable for your estranged spouse's tax liability.

If you know for sure that you will be able to file as HoH, you can safely claim 5 allowances as long as your child will be under age 17 as of December 31, 2016 or 3 allowances if they will be 17 or older as of that date.

If you are filing MFS, the only safe bet is Single + 0 allowances as you may lose your standard deduction if your spouse itemizes and you have no itemized deductions yourself.

It depends on your filing status. If you file alone, it would be better to show 1 exemption, but also show your status as married since you are not divorced. If you file jointly, then you could properly claim 2 or more exemptions. The number you put will have an impact on withholding of tax from your pay; a higher number means less withheld and a lower number means more withheld.
Max Hoopla:
if you had split by June 30 and any children went with you you can claim head of household
as long as you are married you will claim married filing separately
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How did you file your 2015 tax return this year? Did you choose, "Married, Filing Separately" as a filing status?

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