What should I sell in my small business in school for a day?

I'm having a school assignment that we have to run a small store to sell things or food to the school students. I can't find any idea of what to sell? Any ideas would be much appreciated

P.S. the students are primary and secondary school students

Best Answer:

Sharnie: As an in-school small business, you want to sell something unique, that people want, that others will not be selling, but everyone wants, will used up, and want to come back to buy again, or buy more than one at a time. Each setting is different, and you need to survey your class, and determine what they want, or will come back and buy more than once per day. Ask for several items.

Flowers: carnations (pink, blue, yellow white, red, variegated), roses (yellow white, red)
Candy: gummies, skittles, chocolate, reeces, m7m, etc
food: granola, energy bars, energy drinks, cookies, brownies

Remember, your goal is to make more money than other stores, and not run out of product in the first period of school.

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