What tax form do i use if i only have a home motgage interest deduction?

Other answer:

Scedule A on the 1040 tax form.

If you are single, your mortgage interest will need to be above $6,400 for it to be worth using. Remember that you may be able to take a deduction for your property taxes also.

When you itemize your deductions, you can't use the standard deduction. Therefore, you want to make sure your itemized deductions actually add up to more than the standard deduction that you would be allowed to use. You want to use which ever deduction is higher.

you can not take a home mortgage interest deduction if you don't have income. home mortgage interest can only be claimed as an itemized deduction. if you have income and are itemizing, your standard deduction is 6300 if single 12600 if married filing jointly, and 9300 if head of household. if your mortgage interest and all other itemized deductions (real estate taxes, state and local taxes, charitable contributions, medical expenses over 10% of your agi if you are under 65 or over 7.5% if over 65 etc.) the other thing is if you are single and your income isn't over 10300 itemizing won't help you. (Standard deduction + personal exemption of 4000) you get an exemption for every person you claim on your return.
If your itemied deductions total is higher than the standard deduction for that year, usee form 1040 (nt A or EZ) with schedule A.
take the standard deduction – automatically on Form 1040.
Pascal the Gambler:
Schedule A of the 1040, assuming your deductions exceed the standard.
1040 with itemized deductions form
that would be Sch A and mortgage interest is not the only item you can use

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