What to do about a missing rent money order?

I sent my Money order for my rent to my landlord through the mail. My landlord says the envelope was empty and he needs the rent asap so he can close the books for December. I m broke I can t pay it again. What am I supposed to do?? I have the money order receipts.

Other answer:

What do you want from us – and what do you want from him? You rented a place you cannot afford. You don't have money to pay the rent. The envelope was not properly sealed and the money order was lost in the mail. How can you expect that we can save you from eviction. Re-budget your life. Paying your rent should be your FIRST priority.
Someone may have stolen it and there is no recourse for you. You cant prove that you mailed it unless you got proof of shipping or sent it certified. See if they can issue a duplicate from your receipt. Always get a postal or bank money order, not from a store. If you cant get a copy and cant prove you mailed it, it looks like you didnt pay it. You have to pay it again.
You need to check as to whether it has been cashed, at the place you bought it.
One way or the other, your rent must be paid.
Suzy pickles:
If you have the receipt (the part you tear off the money order) you can use that to track it and find out who cashed it and when they did it
contact the place you got the money order from and ask them what to do…likely you have to pay a fee to stop payment on it and have a new one issued….there is some info on this on the western union site (is it western union?)

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