What to do with gift card when store is out of business?

So for Christmas a few years back I was given a 50 dollar gift card to Aeropostale. I m not interested in using it bc I don t really the store. So if they are going out of business soon can I get my money back without spending it at their store? What should I do?

Other answer:

if they are in fact going out of business you might write them a request to redeem the card for cash
if they refuse to honor it, and the exchanges might not be a good place to try to unload it, buy something in the store in the value of the card and then try to sell it, at least this way you might get something out of it
if this was a gift to you you didn't pay for it so anything you get out of it is still a gift to you
John D:
If they are going bankrupt or just closing down then trying to get cash for your card makes you a creditor and you would have to sue, most likely. You will be last in line and it will cost you much more than $50. Buy something ASAP if you still can. Otherwise it is pretty much worthless.
No. You HAVE to buy something with it at their store.

So buy something to give as a gift to someone….or buy it and sell it on e-bay.

But do it soon before the card is no good.

Nuff Sed:
There are hundreds of places where you can sell or exchange your gift cards for something you can actually use.

State laws vary regarding what happens to non-redeemed value. However, it is NOT THE PROPERTY OF THE STORE, as a general rule, because it was sold for use as a gift. When they go bankrupt, that value becomes a liability that may be transferred to the state treasury as "abandoned" after a year or two.

Elaine M:
Cards for specific stores are not redeemable at other stores.
no, can't get your money back. Find something you want or something that will make a good gift for someone
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Ask them but I doubt they'll give you money for it. So try and sell it.
spend it or loose it, you won't get the money back.

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