What to wear at a McDonald's job interview?

Going for my job interview tomorrow and I'm unsure if wearing jeans, Nike airs and a black tshirt with a cardigan is okay. I know the person who is interviewing me. Also is there anything else I should know.

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Diane A:
Never ever wear jeans to an interview even McD's, even the nikes are really a no no. You need dressy/dressy casual, no matter what the interview is, unless you are going to be interviewing on the job in a messy environment. Try for no tee shirt, no jeans and no sneakers. And remember that for every one you ever go on. Also think before you answer any Q, never bad mouth anyone or thing, look the interviewer in the eye, take notes if you do not think you will remember something, clarify anything you do not understand. Do not giggle, twirl your hair, chew gum etc. This is the time too be as professional as you can.
I'd dress up s little more than that.
a clown outfit and make sure that you mention how when you masturbate you think of Ronald McDonald….or maybe Donald Trump.