What will UPS do if I'm not home to receive the package?

I ordered Nike KD 7s online and I have school the day that they come. Can I leave a note or will they just throw it over the fence? I don't want them to throw it over the fence because someone could steal them..

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Mr. Incognito:
If it does not require a signature, and there is a safe (non visible from the street) place to leave it, then the carrier will leave it. Otherwise the carrier will leave a note for you to pick it up at the Post Office, or request redelivery. When requesting redelivery, you can either sign the slip and write on the back where and when you want it redelivered (you can request that they leave it on the porch, behind a tree, on the side of the house, etc.), or call the phone number on the slip to have it tried the next day.
Depends on the seller. If they seller requires a signature, they will leave a note. You will then have the option to have them hold it for you at the nearest distribution center, or they will try again and eventually send it back.
Unless the seller paid extra for a signature, they'll just leave it.
they leave a note saying they will send it tomorrow. they do that 3 times
I tried leaving a note once to knock hard as loud can be. they didn't follow directions… but i was there to finally get it the 3rd day.
Probably would have had to make special arrangements before it shipped. Ups is most likely to drop it on your front porch.

You would Have to have a tracking number to be able to discuss it with UPS before delivery.


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