What would happen if you had a month to month lease and you have to give 30/day notice but don't give notice and just move?

Any legal trouble or they just keep the deposit?

Other answer:

They keep the deposit, it can go against your credit score and it may be reported to a tenant data base if landlord uses one. You will get a bad reference for the next place. It isnt worth losing all that credit for a month's rent. You can give notice and move anytime as long as you pay the rent for the month.
Possible legal trouble. The security deposit is meant to cover damages, not rent. If you just up and move without giving notice, you are legally obligated to pay rent for the next month, and then there is nothing left to cover damages. You can be sued for that.
The deposit is not intended to be your last month's rent. It is meant to be used for any damages you made to the property. No real landlord would ever use the deposit to cover last month's rent. The landlord can sue you up to several times the amount of the rent depending on the state. Some allow 5 times the rent.
Nothing really. But you should inform the landlord. It happens all the time. You should always keep a good relationship with the LL, and you'll need references in the future.

Legally speaking, they will keep the deposit but that's it. They *could* attempt to sue for lost rent, but after keeping your deposit this is extremely unlikely. In order for a suit to be successful, they need to prove that they made efforts to find a new tenant but failed and that this was your fault. This is extremely rare and would almost certainly be tossed out of court.

R P:
Go ahead and give the required notice with the understanding that you owe the next month's rent. Then, pay that rent when it is due.
Same thing as what could happen if your left without notice on a contract…… you could get sued ( and you would lose) so CCJ against you, wrecked credit, loss of deposit, lose of a good reference from a landlord… there again the landlord could be delighted you left and keep your deposit and find a new tenant…depends on the landlord
There will also be penalties and your credit record will be damaged. Your
landlord will also give damaging info regarding your moving, to future landlords.
You will probably be sued for the month of rent you owe, plus court costs.
they will definitely keep your deposit and if they find damages they will sue you for them, your deposit won't be applied to the damages
you can be sued and your credit and rental history ruined…

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