What would you do if you had a tenant like this?

If a tenant was talking bad about you behind your back and you find out about it and they are racist. Also you know rumors about them would you spread these rumors to other neighbors in town or let it go.

Other answer:

If I was a landlord I wouldn't concern myself with petty childish things such as what the tenants say when I'm not around or whether or not they're "racist." Its a business relationship plain & simple. If they pay the rent and they're not causing damage or pissing off neighbors then I wouldn't care about much else. I'd never stoop to spreading rumors about someone to their neighbors regardless of the relationship. I don't have time for that crap.

If they aren't paying the rent, or they are damaging the property or breaking the lease in some way that affects me, then I'd evict them. Otherwise I'd mind my own business and keep cashing the rent checks.

I don't gossip and I do not involve myself with gossip so, I would not know anything about your predicament. However, if you have found yourself in a difficult position, look for ground to evict your tenant. Trouble tenants are – well, trouble.
There is nothing you can do about it. You can’t be sure that this information is truthful. And if I were you, I won’t even care about such things. If your tenant pays rent on time and in full, keep property in good condition, there is nothing you need to worry about.
A landlord/tenant relationship is ONLY a business relationship and only adults are in that relationship…………… so no I would not play 8yr old playground spitefulness and gossip
Let it go. However i would let them know what you have hears. If thwy prefer to luve elsewhere ince their lease is uo they are free to leave
Pearl L:
i would let it go since two wrongs dont make it right, i would ignore the rumors cause if you talk to them about it and they know you dont like it they will do it even more on purpose
Ignore them.
Pascal the Gambler:
You let their lease run out and kick them out if you don't like them,. Simple.
60 day notice.

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