Whats going to happen in the future for pensions when nobody has been able to save up and the state pension fund dries up ?

There really is no doubt that we will see a future where people have no pensions.
They keep getting told to save for the future while at the same time the cost of living soars mostly due to house prices driven by speculators and the banks digital money.
Any idea what will happen in the end ?

Other answer:

Housing prices aren't appeciating everywhere by ridiculous amounts each year, it's location driven.

It's true that the burden of saving for retirement has shifted more onto workers since traditional pensions are going away and where companies do offer a 401k style of plan, they contribute very little if any.

Dan B:
They will keep requiring people to put more of their paychecks into the Ponzi scheme to keep it solvent. I can see the SS system being changed from a retirement plan where everyone who pays into it will get something out of it. It will be changed into an insurance plan where you only collect if you need the money – like most other insurance plans. Car insurance – you collect only if you have an accident. Health insurance – you collect only if you get sick. Homeowner's insurance – you collect only if your house burns down.
People will save in their 401k & IRA's. And if they can't do that, there's still social security.
People get fornication. Simple.

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