What's the time limit for suing a insurance company?

My ex husband and I went to a title company to divide our property for our divorce settlement, the property in his name went thru but mine never did. The agent kept telling me sometimes it could take up to a year or two to record. Now it's been over two years.

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A title company would not be responsible for dividing your property.
The a title insurance company is a company that provides insurance for real estate deeds. Basically if at some point, it's determined that you don't actually own the property, the title insurance company will pay your for your loses.
Example: the person who sold you the house did not own the house and could not have legally sold it to you.

You will have to review your paperwork to determine who is responsible for recording with the county the property title change.
– Maybe your lawyer was supposed to do it.
– Maybe you were supposed to do it.

it takes a 2-8 weeks to record a title.

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taking your name off the property needs a quit claim deed submitted to the county recorder's office to remove one name or change
takes about a month and a $2 fee to the county for them to get in the records
Three years in most cases but call an attorney Monday
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