When can I expect to see my tax return deposited?

We filed with our CPA on Feb 2nd.
We have been told the child tax credit is held until the 15th.
So when can I expect to see my tax return deposited into my bank account?

Best Answer:

julie: on the IRS site, you can look at "where's my refund" to get info

Other answer:

when the refund has been issued and the bank has posted it to your account
Max Hoopla:
IRS will keep your tax return.
Bostonian In MO:
Probably not until near the end of Feb. Most returns claiming the EIC or ACTC won't START processing until Feb 15, so figure up to 21 days from then if you're in the "lucky" 90%.
Ryan M:
Depends on a few factors…..first of which is how far along the line you are once the 15th hits. Could be days after or weeks, or even months in some scenarios.