When coming across a rental apartment,the add said $500 to take property off the market,what does this mean?

Other answer:

This statement mean the landlord or property manager is willing to not rent the apartment to anyone if you would give the landlord or property manager $500.00. This is a non refundable fee.

If you decide to rent the apartment this $500.00 would be added to the deposit or first month rent.

If you decide not to rent the apartment, again you would lose this $500.00.

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It means you would need to give a $500, fee for the landlord to stop advertising
the apartment for rent. Whether you could apply it to the rent is a question you
would need to ask.
Simpson G.:
Ad. Short for advertisement.

It's a holding deposit. This is non refundable if you back out before the lease is signed. It's refundable if you are denied tenancy. However, get the terms IN WRITING. Make sure it spells out when you qualify for a refund.

It's something like an application fee, where you promise to take the apartment. It sounds like a high price, unless it's applied to your security deposit or rent.
Beverly S:
It means they want that amount to stop marketing it.. It's probably non refundable deposit.

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