When did Macdonalds stop doing "Big Breakfast" in the UK?

Im devastated.
* WHEN * please guys, I know "Why" they stopped and want to know "When"

Best Answer:

Reporting: May, 2015 was the date it was removed from the menu, in some eateries, in Chichester along with a number of other menu items that was not selling well enough to keep on the menu without a significant increase in price. Product costs rose, and the company could not justify keeping the menu items. The significant problem was while they attempted to move toward a more eco-friendly packaging model, and less expensive calorie models, theBig Breakfast did not work well in an inexpensive paper container, and more than their sandwich fare in calories, therefore could not stay on the menu.


Yes, there was a lot of news about the story, and you can search for the topic McDonalds UK "Big Breakfast" and find more about the fiasco and the backlash that ensued. The menu item was slowly removed, with the larger cities being affected in February, when it made national news.

Other answer:

When a company stops doing something it is usually due to the profits not justifying the expense. It's all about the profits.
That's news to me because they sell breakfast all of their store hours here, including the big one.
Big Sean:
I have no idea. I know that a Big Mac was 55 cents when I was born in 1972.
Low sales
No one was buying it

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