When ends ''Boyhood'' and begins ''Manhood''?

Other answer:

When he's able to think of other people other than himself. Which is around age 45
Most young men are able to impregnate a female by the age of 16, and according to biology anyway, childhood ends and adulthood begins as soon as an animal is sexually mature enough to successfully reproduce.
Richard B:
the human species has a VERY long childhood! it takes about 4-5 years just to be able to survive without help, 10 years to learn to be social, reproductive
ability varies maybe 12 -16, but the human brain is not completely developed until the early twenties.
that is why young men , late teens and early twenties have such BAD judgement and take so amy dangerous chances ( like going to war)
It's a process over time, years, not an abrupt switch.
I would say around 18
youre in manhood once youve banged 2 bitches at the same time who are both dimes

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