When Trump becomes POTUS, can we guarantee these celebrities renounce their citizenship and are never allowed back into the USA ever again?


Best Answer:

Will Powers: They themselves have already proclaimed that they would leave the USA if he's elected, so I hope they also choose to renounce their citizenship. That would DEFINITELY be a PROGRESSIVE way to make America great again!!!!!!

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Will Powers:
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Just like Limbaugh did when he promised to leave if ObamaCare got passed?

It did. He didn't.

People (on both sides) always threaten this and nobody ever does it. Not sure why some people continue to take it seriously.

Was not Donny boy one of biggest reality show
celebrates and does this mean he will deport himself with all his raping Mexicans who will ride with him in the bus to Mexico and they can show Donny what a real rape feels like and it ain't a wimps vagina grab
serenely, soMEone:
Did you hear that the sexually twisted dildo queen, Miley Cyrus, has come out against Trump for sexual dirty talk?


You don't really get the concepts of democracy and freedom of speech do you?
Only if be becomes president of Russia.

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