When will liberals realize that CNN is not a valid news source anymore?

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Strange, CNN was one of those main stream news outlets that admitted and apologized for the bias news manipulation over the course of the elections. Promised to do better, then continued with the same old crap. Yet, it still isn't questioned by the flock. As far as where one can actually get honest info, I'm not sure that there is a place like that anymore, including the feds own websites. It's actually sort of scary when it is looked at and compared to other points/places in history where this was/is the case.
When will Conservatives realize that Fox News isn't a valid new source. Ever.
it is if you are gullible fool and call statist-fascist indoctrination "news"…
Actual Llewen:
Beats Faux news
As long as CNN keeps telling them WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR, that's all that's important to them.
when conservatives realize they can't solely rely on Fox News
YA: Moochelle Pic Too Ugly To Post:
What, doesn't every news organization feed democraps the questions for their approval in advance?
Stopped watching around the Gulf War when the media was embedded with the troops.

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