When you order something with someone elses card will they be able to see what you ordered and from which site?

Other answer:

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. A lot of businesses have different billing names. You could contact the company that you want to order from and ask them "how will this charge appear on my card?" The charge might be billed to their store or it might be billed to a name that is completely different from the name of the site.
The name of website & order amount will be shown on credit card statement. However, list of items ordered won't be visible

For example, AMAZON.COM $150.00 could be visible on credit card statement

They can see the name of the business and the amount of money. They don't see a list of the items purchased (although they may be able to get it from the business/website).
the transaction will be on their credit card statement and they can get the details of what was ordered and who it was shipped to
The company will show up on their bank statement and then they can ring the company and ask for a copy of the invoice.
Ziff Spiffington:
well sure – they get a statement every month

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