When's the latest you should say at an interview when they ask when do you want to start working?

Other answer:

Are you currently employed in another job? If so, what notice do you have to give to them? If you have to give 4 weeks, tell your new employers you can start in 4 weeks after your notice period although you may be able to negotiate it to be sooner

If you are not in employment you can say immediatly – as in you are free as soon as they want you to start.

When you finish at your current job. If you dont have one, two weeks ahead if you have a good reason such as needing to move house. But its really best to say as soon as possible.
I'd say "Yesterday!"
Ryan M:
"2 weeks from the offer date" – If you currently have a job.
"Immediately" – If you do NOT currently have a job.

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